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  1. 1.What was “CANADA DAY” called before 1982?  DOMINION DAY, the official name for our country is still: THE DOMINION OF CANADA.

  2. 2.Every fur trader knew what a “TRACHE” was, do you?  It was his ICE CHISEL.

  3. 3.True or False: ABORIGINAL CANADIANS were not allowed to serve in the Canadian Forces between 1916 - 1961.  FALSE. in fact is is estimated that 12,000 aboriginal citizens served in the Canadian military during WWi, WWII and the Korean War

  4. 4.Who was the first MODERN EXPLORER recorded to have landed on Canadian Soil in 1497?  His name was Giovanni Caboto, or commonly known as JOHN CABOT born in Italy around 1450.

  5. 5.What was the last Province to give WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE? QUEBEC - 1940

  6. 6.Why is CASTOR CANADENSIS important to Canadians? It is the BEAVER

  7. 7.When did we get our current NATIONAL ANTHEM? July 1, 1980

  8. 8.In what year did Canada “technically” gain INDEPENDENCE FROM BRITAIN in that it had its own foreign policy? 1931 -the Treaty of Westminster.  This was the reason Canada was able to declare war on Germany as a separate country and not of Great Britain.

  9. 9.Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms what is the meaning of “EQUITY UNDER THE LAW”?  Every Canadian has an equal right to the protection and services of the police and the courts.

  10. 10. What is the name of the TOWER ON PARLIAMENT HILL in Ottawa and what is located inside it? It is called THE PEACE TOWER.  It stands as a reminder of Canada’s roll in fighting for peace and freedom.  Inside you will find inscribed the names of every Canadian soldier who died in military conflict to the present day.

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